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The Asian Society of Vector Ecology and Mosquito Control (ASVEMC) was approved as a Branch of the Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE) in September, 2011.

The general purpose of the new society is the promotion of all aspects of science, the dissemination and exchange of information, the application of ecological principles and vector management strategies with regard to vectors and mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases in Asian countries.

Dr. William Walton, President of the SOVE installed the Executive Office including the President, President-Elect and the Executive Director in Suzhou, China in May of 2013. This was followed by the President, Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao, inducting the Regional Directors.

The Regions include Japan, Taiwan; Korea; North China/Mongolia; Central China; India; Middle East; Thailand, Laos, Vietnam; and Malaysia/Philippines. Currently, there are 46 members from Asian countries in the ASVEMC/SOVE.