ASVEMC Board meeting Proposed agenda

ASVEMC Board meeting, Guangzhou, China, May 24 at 5:00pm
Proposed agenda

1. Introducing by President Dr. Zhao
2. Vote to accept Dr. M. Sallam’s resignation as regional director of Middle East
3. Vote to approve Dr. Abdul Althbyani to replace Dr. Sallam as the regional director of middle east
4. Vote to approve Dr. Hong-Liang Chu to replace Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou for the central China region
5. Announce: Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou has been elected as the Vice President, Congratulation
6. Approval of the minutes of November 4’s Board meeting, Qingdao, China
7. Discussion about new officer installation before 4thIFSCMMD by Dr. Dan Kline, President-elect of the SOVE
8. Update the 7th international congress of SOVE
9. Update membership and due
10. Update about website by Brian Liang
11. Regional reports and committee reports
12. Next Board meeting in Chongqing before the 6thIFSMDV
13. 5th IFSCMMD meeting site and date (Nanjing, China, May 21-25, 2017 (tentative) or combined with the 7th International Congress of the SOVE in late September, 2017)

New Executive Committee of the ASVEMC:
Dr. Tongy-Yan Zhao, Immediate Past President (serve the Board for 2 more years)
Professor Qi-yong Liu,President (2 years)
Dr. Gunter C. Muler, President-Elect (2 years)
Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou,Vice President (2 years)
Dr. Rui-De Xue, Executive Director (2 years)

Secretary: Ming-Yu Wu
Webmaster: Brian Liang

Regional Directors:
Dr. Err-Lieh Hsu, Region of Taiwan (continue to serve for 2 years)
Dr. Hoonbook Yi, Region of Korea (continue to serve for 2 years)
Dr. Hitoshi Kawada, Region of Japan (Board voted on November 4, 2014. new member for 2 years)
Dr. Xiao-Peng Zeng, Region from. North China/ Mongolia (continue to serve for 2 years)
Dr. Hong-Liang Chu, Region from Central China (Need Board to vote on May 24. new Board member for 2 years)
Dr. Reddya Naik, Region of India (continue to serve for 2 years)
Dr. Abdul Aziz Althbyani , Region of Middle East (Need Board to vote on May 24. new member for 2 years)
Dr. Theeraphap Charconviryyaphap, Region of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam (continue to serve for 2 years)
Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad, Region of Malaysia /Philippines (continue to serve for 2 years)

Current Committee Chairs:

Executive: Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao
By-Law: Dr. Err-Lieh Hsu
Nomination: Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao
Financial: Dr. Feng-Xia Meng
Membership: Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao
Education/Public Relation: Prof. Qi-Yong Liu
Publication: Dr. Rui-De Xue
Award: Dr. Gunter C. Muller
Local Arrangement: Dr. Chun-Xiao Li

ASVEMC Board meeting Proposed agenda