7th International Forum for Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes and Vector-borne Diseases & the 5th Asian SOVE and Mosquito Control member meeting

The Board Members of the ASVEMC:

The 7th International Forum for Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes and Vector-borne Diseases in conjunction with the National Congress of Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Entomological Society of China, and the 5th Meeting of the Asian Society of Vector Ecology and Mosquito Control (ASVEMC), City of Dalian, China have been rescheduled to August 15-18, 2021. The meetings will be conducted in persons and virtual. Due to pandemic and travel restrictions, the Scientists who will give their presentations from outside of China will be virtually. Also, night sessions on August 16 & 17 will be scheduled because the international speakers will be from different time zones. Dr. Michael Turell will be the Keynote Speaker about Vector mosquitoes and its importance. If you would like to give a presentation about your research at the 7th IFSCMVD, please let Dr. Zhao and I know, we will schedule your presentation in the program based on your presentation subject and time zones. We will send the detail information about the meeting and link to you later.

The 5th membership meeting of the ASVEMC will be held in the beginning of the 7th IFSCMVD. The Board of the ASVEMC will present the outstanding service and outstanding achievement awards (the names were nominated and voted by the Board in Suzhou, late October, 2020), then, install the new officers of the ASVEMC for 2021-2023. All current Board members are remained. During the Board meeting in Suzhou, October 2020, Dr. Hong-Liang Chu, Director of the Institute of Vector-borne Diseases and Disinfection, Jiangsu CDC has been nominated and elected for the Vice President of the ASVEMC. The President-Elect Dr. Chun-Xiao Li will be the President, Dr. Feng-Xia Meng, Vice President will be the President-Elect, and the President Dr. Abu Ahmad will be the immediate Past President.

Dr. Michelle Brown, Current Executive Director of the SOVE will give an overview of the SOVE.

Also, we may plan to have the ASVEMC Board meeting in the late afternoon of August 15 through Zoom or other online media.

Hope everybody in safe and health, and looking forward to meeting you in person in late May 2023 meetings.

Rudy Xue, Ph.D.