ASVEMC Board Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2020

Date: October 28, at 9:30pm, 2020.­
Place: Room 558, Platinum Hanjue Hotel, Suzhu, Jiangsu, China.
Attended Board members: Dr. Chun-Xiao Li (President-elect), Dr. Feng-Xia Meng (Vice President), Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao (Executive Director), Dr. Qi-Yong Liu (Nomination Committee Chair).
Regional Directors: Dr. Hong-Liang Chu, Dr. Li-Feng Lin, Dr. Xiao-Peng Zeng.
Other attendance: Mingyu Wu. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, no Board members from other countries and regions joined the meeting.

1. Executive Director Dr. Tong-Yan Zhao called the meeting in order and everybody introduced their selves. The Board discussed the next meeting date and schedule, candidates for outstanding achievement award and outstanding service award before the 7th IFSCMVD, in late May, 2021.

2. The Board decided to keep the plan to hold the 7th IFSCMVD in Dalian in late May, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will take place both virtual online and offline forms.

3. Dr. Hong-Liang Chu was nominated for the Vice President when Dr. Minghao Zhou resigned his position last year. Dr. Chu is the Director of the Institute of Control of Vector-borne Diseases and Disinfection, Jiangsu CDC. If Dr. Chu becomes the VP, his regional Director position needs to be replaced soon. The new regional Director will be nominated by Dr. Chu after the Board Meeting.

4. For outstanding achievement awards: The Board recommend that Dr. Gunter Muller for his ATSB contribution, Dr. Shan-Qing Wang for his contribution to eradicate Malaria in Hainan, and Dr. Xiao-Guang Chen for his contribution for Aedes and dengue surveillance and control.
For outstanding service award: The Board nominated Mrs. Ming-Yu Wu for her outstanding service as secretary for the society since beginning.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30pm.
Minutes taken by Ming-Yu Wu