Proposed agenda for upcoming ASVEMC Board Meeting

May 26 at 5pm – Proposed agenda

  1. Welcome and introduction by President Dr. Gunter C. Muller
  2. Schedule and arrange the 4th ASVEMC meeting before the 6th IFSCMVD, May 27 (ASVEMC awards presented by the President of the ASVEMC, Dr. Muller, SOVE’s 50 year recognized member awards who provided distinguished service to the SOVE presented by the President of the SOVE Dr. Uli Bernier
  3. Regional Director service continuation and replacement?
  4. ASVEMC new officers installation by the SOVE President Dr. Bernier
  5. Accept the resignation of Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou, incoming President due to his promotion and limitation
  6. Discussion and approval of the additional award for Dr. Ming-Hao Zhou for his outstanding service as VP & PE in the past 4 years and hosted the 1st (Suzhou in 2013) & 3rd in Nanjing, 2017) ASVEMC meetings
  7. Discussion and Board appointment of the new President from May 27, 2019 due to incoming President -Elect ‘s needed more paper works from her organization
  8. Update about SOVE annual meeting in San Juan, late September by Dr. Bernier and delegates (Dr. Chun-Xiao Li plans to join the meeting)
  9. Next Board meeting location and date (Suzhou before the 8th IFSMDV in late October)